Our Council

Effective January 1, 2021 our new Field Agent is Brian DeBlauw. His introduction is below:

I first want to give great big thank you again to all that I have met with for allowing me to come into your homes and help you understand the benefits you have with one of the strongest financial companies in North America, your Knights of Columbus Insurance company.

Father McGivney started the Knights of Columbus as an insurance company in March of 1882, 139 years ago.  He did this because he lost two very important people to him when they were young men.  He saw the emotional, then financial devastation that happened when a family loses the income from a working husband.

We carry this same concern and tradition forward today.  Fr. McGivney started the company as a non-profit organization, and we still are today.  In addition to all the hard work and millions of hours of charity and millions of dollars raised by the councils, we also donate millions of dollars a year from the insurance company to charitable organizations around the world from pregnancy centers to special Olympics.

The Knights of Columbus Insurance company is your insurance company.  The products are designed at our home office in Connecticut by Knights for Knights.  We are a non-profit organization which allows us to produce products which are more beneficial to you and your families and put the profits back into benefits for the members and society.  We do this, not because we are trying to make a profit; it’s the exact opposite, we are doing what we do to give the maximum benefits back to our members.

How do these benefits impact our products and yourselves?

  • Our whole life insurance has some of the highest paying dividends, guaranteed cash value growth, and guaranteed death benefits when compared to any other company. This is useful in a variety of ways.  Whole Life insurance, from the Knights, is a great place to keep money safe, have amazing tax benefits, protect your family for your whole life and many-many more benefits, too much to list.
  • We have some of the best legacy insurance (Survivorship or 2nd to die) insurance in the market, meaning you leave more to your legacy (family, church, school, business) for the money you put in versus other companies and the policies will never lapse and your premiums won’t increase as long as you make premium payments.
  • Our universal life insurance policies have a built in NO LAPSE feature as long as you are making premium payments, and the premiums won’t increase either over the life of your contract. All universal life policies are guaranteed until 120 years of age as well.  They won’t go away, and your premiums won’t increase.
  • Our long-term care insurance is some of the most competitive in the market, meaning lower premiums and higher benefits and we have NEVER increased premiums on an existing policy holder. We also have an elimination period which is based on calendar days, not service days like other companies meaning that your benefits pay out sooner. 
  • We have some of the highest payouts for pension plans in the industry because we have some of the highest guaranteed interest rates on our annuities allow you to get more money every month for your pensions.
  • Our annuities have a lower surrender fee and shorter fee period than most other companies

What does this all mean for you?  We provide financial assistance to families in many forms.  We will help you construct plans to increase your growth, lower your risk, leave more for your family, pay less taxes in the future and offer more protection in the case you pass early, live too long, or get critically ill.  No one is too young, and no one is too old to receive some or all these benefits.  These are all benefits you have because you made a great decision to join the largest lay catholic organization on earth designed and constructed to carry out charitable work, give back to people around us, and provide and protect catholic families.

I hope this gives you all a better idea of why we are here and how we try to help families meet their financial goals.  If I can be of assistance to anyone, even your family if they are not Knights, please let me know.  I strive to be a financial resource to all Catholic families. 

Thank you and may God bless each and everyone of you and your families.