Pasta Dinner

The annual Pasta Dinner was held at the OLA Parish Center on Saturday October 7th, 2023. Guests enjoyed a fun social night while enjoying the atmosphere of being in Italy. We served a full Italian pasta dinner. We offered drinks, alcoholic beverages, pasta dinner, garlic bread, and cake. The kitchen was led by Carmine Maida and we had a great team in the kitchen to help create the amazing food that was served.We had an amazingly decorated Hall led by John and Regina Joly. 

We served over 150 people at the event. Some amazing Brother Knights assisted in making this event happen.  In total we had over 35 Knights working either at the event itself, ticket selling outside of the masses, or prior to the event in various different planning parts. There was over 350 volunteer hours between the Knights and those associated with the Knights.

Many thanks to all who assisted in making this event so successful. Without the dedicated support of each Fellow Knight, their wives, family members, this event would not have been possible. It is amazing what a group of people who are all dedicated to the same cause are able to pull off.