Breakfast with Santa

On Saturday Dec 18th we celebrated our Lords Birth by hosting a Breakfast with St Nick from 8a to 12:30p at our OLA church’s Sacred Heart Halls. As the children entered, we handed out Jingle Bell Wrist bands, then we served breakfast to 141 Children and their families with a choice of French toast, pancakes & sausage, and a beverage choice of milk, OJ, water & coffee.

After Breakfast the Children went over to Our OLA Church Chapel where the OLA’s Children’s Youth Choir performed a Christmas Nativity Play. After the play the children and their families returned to SHH. Then St Nick entered with his Ho, Ho Ho while handing out candy canes and asking the children questions on the meaning of Christmas, he asked a few trivia questions about the holy family, and had the children sing Christmas songs with him. He then sat in his big St Nick’s chair, asked the children to come up for family pictures & then St Nick with his helpers gave gifts to all 60 children. After all had met with St Nick took pictures and received gifts he said to all “Merry Christmas to all and remember to be good” and left calling out Ho Ho Ho !! Merry Christmas.