Culture of Life

On December 21, 2020, Grand Knight John Joly and Brother John Finnegan, our Culture of Life Director, presented a check for $1,000. to Kelli O’Malley, CEO of Care Net Manasota Pregnancy Center in Bradenton .

The pregnancy center’s client numbers have grown significantly during the course of the pandemic. They have seen a 68% increase from 2019. As Kelli stated “While we rejoice in the opportunity to pour Gospel centered parenting education into our clients, we face the reality that we must financially allocate funding in order to continue our mission with fidelity and integrity. While we are seeking support from many donation areas by way of grants and government funding.

Kelli reached out to us for help. “My father, James Malley, was a 4th degree Knight of Columbus. Growing up I witnessed the integrity my father lived his life with and being a part of The Knights of Columbus showed me at a young age what “living by faith” truly means. I hold a high regard for the mission and the faithfulness of the organization. I am reaching out specifically now in the hope that The Knights of Columbus may assist us with an area that is difficult to receive a grant to cover.

“Currently, our insurance premium is due. We are seeking assistance to cover the cost. The total cost of this payment heavily depletes our operational budget, which in turn takes away from our clients. We are asking The Knights of Columbus to prayerfully consider assisting Care Net Manasota in covering the cost of this financial burden.” Our donation provided half of the remaining insurance premium.

This pregnancy center alone saved 38 babies from being aborted during the pandemic with their ultrasound and related services! God Bless them and their works!