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from Ed Christie, Our Church Director





The Guardians  is a program that was originally begun in Mexico many years ago by a Lady named Maria Luisa. Maria purchased  Images of Our Lady and sent them all over the World at her own expense.  
The folks that received the Images were referred to as Guardians. My wife and I were the recipients of two of those Images. Since 2003 we have shared those two Images with over 150 families who had a
Special Intention. As a result of  sharing these Images of Our Lady we have witnessed many miraculous events. For some unknown reason, Maria has disappeared and has never been heard from after 2003.
My wife and I decided to continue the program that Maria began many years before but we would refer to those who participate as Guardians of Guadalupe.

So. we did exactly as Maria had done many years before, we purchased a very large quantity of very Special Images of Our Lady of Guadalupe and have been sharing them with any person that indicates that
they would like to join us as active Guardian of Guadalupe*.